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She needs to be identified — wife or flame? Poor you, trapped in this terrible heart-dimming straitening institution, for all these years, pitiful, come on now! For Clark, although he seemed to remain blissfully unaware of his tendency to self-aggrandise, he was nonetheless painfully conscious of his tendency to omit certain details and events in telling the story of his life. As he wrote both volumes of autobiography throughout the late s, Clark frequently exhorted himself to tell the truth about his life.

Ever, manning : selected letters of Manning Clark, 1938-1991

Last night in bed had an attack of angina. I know my travelling and lecturing are killing me, but, maybe, that is what I want, the pain of living is now so intense. My wife is still taking revenge on me for my past iniquities.

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My closest friend, the one in whom I placed complete trust, has deserted me in my hour of need, the attacks on my work and character continue and will probably go on for a while after I am dead. I have lost faith in the autobiography. By the time both volumes of autobiography were published in , Clark was firmly convinced that he had failed the task of self-examination that he had set for himself:.

The two volumes of the autobiography suffer from my failure to address myself to three subjects which have caused me much pain and made me the instrument of pain to other people. They are — First — my infidelities to Dymphna, infidelities of the heart more than the body, and my failure to examine when and why they began. I remember in the beginning my fear of whether I could keep her individual love, or whether she ever loved me.

Second, my corruption of other people … my [name deleted] who became a drunk just as I was wiping the filth of the gutter off my body. I never forget and never forgive. I have not really tried to change, but I doubt whether I could change, that rush of blood to the head floods the rational me. I shake inwardly … there has been no improvement except in surface courtesy. They demonstrate a capacity for self-criticism that his autobiographies conspicuously lack.

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As did one particularly frank note that Clark left for his biographer in his papers. They are numbered with the captions from 1 to Then, a line is drawn at the bottom of the list, in what appears to be fresher ink than the list above, almost certainly added at a later time, most probably as Clark pored over his papers in the last months of his life leaving comments for those he knew would come to his papers after his death. People are born before their time. They die six years too early or four years too late. They stand for Labor Party preselection when they never did and they are remembered for doing all manner of things that never occurred.

These differences of memory and perspectives are not unusual.

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  • And catching Clark out is not my purpose. It was Dymphna who was in Bonn the morning after Kristallnacht. She wrote to Clark, who was then in Oxford and would not arrive in Bonn until three weeks later. It is possible that Clark chose to wait until the final draft to insert the claim of his presence the morning after Kristallnacht so as to avoid her marking up his claim as false. Writing about their peers, mentors and influences, let alone their achievements, historians are adept at making the activities of their own kind appear momentous.

    However, this is not to suggest that many of his pronouncements were not prescient. He pointed out that Indigenous Australians were absent from the national anthem and invisible in the national flag and constitution.

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    He must not be afraid to invent. His recollections are always pointing to the future, his authorial voice always pleading for entrance to Valhalla. Towards the end of his life, he sensed that the way in which he had framed this quest — the old dead tree versus the young tree green — was quickly becoming irrelevant. No matter how much of a national figure Clark became, he still craved to be showered in even greater public acclaim. My friends will be. A rough draft clearly existed, as his diaries appear to indicate. It was full of scandalous revelations. But I think Dymphna put her foot down and refused to allow its publication.

    But no such manuscript has survived in his papers. I enjoyed it. You have always been very good to me. My love to you, Ever, Manning. In the months ahead, Clark read the reviews of Quest in the literary pages of the broadsheet press, which, as with most of his later work, shifted dramatically from almost foolish adulation to snarling condemnation. From the Earliest Times to the Age of Macquarie. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, The Beginning of an Australian Civilisation, — The Earth Abideth for Ever, — The People Make Laws, — A Short History of Australia.

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