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This scheme involves receiving random packages from Amazon you didn’t order that just show up on your doorstep.​ The Amazon brushing scam might seem harmless at first, but the danger is really threefold.​ Second, and even more concerning, what happens if a phantom seller ships.
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Beware of Amazon Packages You Didn't Order—It Could Be a Scam | Mental Floss

Hi i have same situation, got scarf from : Gucci. How to send it back and got money back? What this price means 3, , 00? I was also deceived.

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I ordered shoes, I got shit glasses worth nothing. Watch out for him is a thief.

Is this a scam site? A fraudulent site? I also received a parcel from here I ordered an instax mini camera an got a Gucci scarf wtf! How do I get my money back.

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Guangdong y he recibido unas gafas de sol. Soluciono algo denunciando a esta empresa? I have received a package today that I didn't order from CenJiaYu Zhangcha light industry road fire building changed district fosca city Guangdong province phone It's a Gucci scarf but I didn't order anything. I don't want to pay nothing! Please contact me! Une paire de lunettes rayban et un collier Tiffany et Co.

I'm Getting Packages I Didn't Order!!! Is This A Problem?

I have also received a fake scarf instead of sunglasses, what a bunch of bastards. Has anyone changed their bank account after this occurring?

I ordered a lyu jo bag and received a Gucci brand scarf. I look forward to receiving my package. Track Your Package Tracking! Someone may ordered it for you as a present.

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Looks like I got scammed. Delivery of order. Where is my parcel P as it had failed delivery. Delivery of my parcel.

[SCAM] Have You Received a Package from Amazon You Didn’t Order?

My delivery Portugal - China. Why i haven't received my order yet? For UK deliveries, which UK parcel carrier completes the delivery? Says "attempted delivery" but not a trace of my parcel then. Parcel delivery address. Delivery of a parcel to Ukraine. Parcel delivery which I did not order. If not, give a knock on their door and hand it off. According to the Federal Trade Commission , any merchandise mailed to you that you did not order may be legally kept as a free gift.

That goes for Amazon or any other retailer who ships goods , and includes any incorrect items mailed to your address, even if the package is correctly addressed to you. More likely than not, Amazon will tell you to keep the item if you reach out to customer service. In that case, you can contact Amazon and offer to return the merchandise. If this has happened to you multiple times, and the name on all of the packages is the same, it may be a case of a previous tenant using their old default Amazon shipping address.

Feel free to reach out to your local U.

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So, either enjoy the free gifts, or be ready to chat with Amazon customer service a lot. The A.