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IseHole is Short Episode 6 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking Z-Spot Diaries. Johnny is reveling in the spotlight. All across Syria, Iraq, and other such desirable‚Äč.
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Jul; 20, at 8 p. Tlioiuands who hsvp read Lhls International best seller trill remember the characters ol William Essex and Dcrmott O'Kiorilbn, two Manchester boys wiio were determined to become rich, the first an a writer and dramatist, the second as the founder of a great London furnishing bouse. Olh'rr Etirex enjoja llie catuUnt abowrtruig of loir. Bihel Ijuik, ywona Hni-. VlLS: A lighter, I. Ilr ii in fm-, illir. Sir Howard Florey coming to Australia with latest data on wonder drug Si? Howard Florey, penicillin expert soon to visit Australia, is a lucky man.

He has a wife who shares with him not only the quiet joy; or home and family, but also the scientific adventures of laboratory research. In Fact he waited for the results of ume of hit wife's esses before he wrote the article in 'The Loneet" IB. Howard, comes from Adelaide, ton. AIUiT graduation In Flarey, who tu M.

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Recent] j romance eanie to a man In the penicillin ward of a hospital. On the twentieth day, despite ft couTsn Of M and B derivative 0! Wliiiaut perUcillhi the airman would have died. Be received lntra- museular Injectiona every two hours, day and night, trowi the flf ty-fceond to the flity-fiUth day. On the etxty- fourth day he waa pat Of fiafUjter and fit for evacuation by atr to the mainland- ex r it ac turit t, tr.

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