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My Great Success and Other Failures (Catherine Wilkins Series) [Catherine Wilkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. My Great Success.
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This is just typical. Adults today are so impatient.

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I think it must be all the caffeine in their diets. I thump irritably down the stairs and sigh lavishly at the bottom, where my mum greets me holding my school report. I wonder if everyone gets this treatment from their parents. I wonder if Joshua, Tanya, Amelia and my best friend, Natalie, are sitting on sofas all around our town about to be lectured.

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And Natalie is pretty good, too. My little brother, Ryan, is sitting on the floor next to Lady, our new rescue dog, pushing a truck backwards and forwards. Listen to this: History — Jessica behaves well in class and generally pays attention, but her written work often includes more drawings than is strictly necessary. Perhaps she should spend more time writing and less time drawing.

What do you say to that? Mum starts reluctantly.

She has a fine eye for detail and her work on the set design for the school musical was outstanding. Jessica will benefit from the resources and opportunities of a much bigger art department at secondary school, as there is not much more we can teach her here! Keep art in art lessons. Do proper work in proper subjects.

This momentarily stumps my parents and they blink at me.

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I need you to draw me a cartoon. I might stop using that word now. Ah, once more. Needless to say, dinner is awkward.

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Mum keeps shooting Tammy evils. Which is a shame, because the food is actually very nice today. Goodbye, economy drive!

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My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters by Catherine Wilkins

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School bags Pencil Cases Globes. Binders Document folders.

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