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This is volume 4 of The Darkest Fruit compilation series, featuring the steamiest stories of white women indulging in the darkest fruit; gorgeous, chiseled black.
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Published: February 2, by eXcessica Publishing. These stepbrother studs are easy to hate and hard to love, as their insatiable stepsisters know all too well, as they find themselves loving, then hating, then loving them again.

And again. Words: 67, Published: January 11, by eXcessica Publishing. Welcome to the world of Blood Courtesans Words: 62, Published: January 5, by eXcessica Publishing. Get five tempting tales of forbidden sex, explicit fantasies that will push all your buttons and your boundaries. Published: September 23, by eXcessica Publishing. So when Lyla suggests she give her stepbrother a different sort of hand before he goes to trial, just to take the edge off, a surprised but grateful Tristan takes her up on her offer. But Lyla has to admit, she has an ulterior motive. When two stepsiblings find themselves, night after night, side by side in their sleeping bags, Rose begins to believe that Sean might want her just as much as she wants him.

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But she wonders, are they both brave enough to risk everything for each other? Her parents have kicked her out for getting knocked up. But Shauna finds her needs are far greater than she expected. Strange Angels has groupies who want nothing more than to sleep with the band.

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Viv is happy to comply—but only because it gives her an excuse to be closer to her stepbrother, Quinn. Almost as close as she wants to be. Words: 12, Owen proposes a competition when his stepsister, Annie, teases him and threatens blackmail. Never one to refuse a challenge, Annie steps up, and the two of them go out hunting… each other. Words: 10, Troubled and desperate, Angeline looks at her stepbrother, Mason, with new eyes, wondering if he really is the only man who can prove she's not broken.

And Dr. One night, Veronica does something that pushes her stepbrother, Ian, a little too far, and she finds out something she never expected. And only dreamed of. Kelly roots for her brother on the sidelines as a cheerleader, but off the field, she secretly wishes he would pay her some attention.

When the opportunity comes up for Kelly to push things in a different direction, she literally jumps at the chance. Will she be able to convince her stepbrother to cross that forbidden line? Words: 13, For once, she knows what she wants—and now she knows he wants it too. Does she have the courage to push him to his limits? Faye understands. And his little stepsister is about to prove it to him…. For Sissy and Dustin, things are about to get real.

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Lacey plans a goodbye picnic by the lake for her stepbrother, Daren, but their last, private summer swim turns into something forbidden neither of them could have expected, but both of them secretly hoped for…. Virginia hates her stepbrother, Cameron. And charging his friends admission! She hates him all the way up to the point that she can't anymore. On their long train ride home for winter break through the Canadian mountains to Upper State New York, Melinda decides to make a wager with her big-headed stepbrother, Aaron, one she hopes that will settle the score between them, once and for all.

Published: October 6, by eXcessica Publishing. Until now. Published: October 13, by eXcessica Publishing. Zinnia works as a florist for her stepfather, watching him bring flowers home every week to her mother, but his wife takes them—and him—for granted. She never even opens the cards! Zinnia secretly rescues them, finding love poems inside, and falls in love with him even more.

When Zinnia is discovered by her daddy, their forbidden love blooms and they finally give into their taboo desires. Words: 18, Published: September 29, by eXcessica Publishing. When Yasmina invites her daddy to play a duet with her, that duet turns into a threesome, and they all get a surprise lesson in forbidden love.

Words: 17, Willa is a fine art photographer who loves taking erotic photographs. When she finds out that that her step daddy is a bit of an exhibitionist, she takes advantage of the opportunity to secretly photograph him. Her taboo fantasies get the better of her and she plans to blackmail him into posing for more photographs, but things really heat up when she finds that her daddy has the same forbidden.

Words: 21, Published: September 1, by eXcessica Publishing. The only person in the world she thinks she could tell, who might understand and help her, is her stepbrother, Preston. Words: 11, Published: July 23, by eXcessica Publishing. Logan lives on the wild slopes of Alaska. Half-white, half-Tlingit, he is drawn to the traditional ways of his people, but his girlfriend, Sila, longs for more modern things in faraway places. Published: May 23, by eXcessica Publishing. The broad-minded Baumgartners are ready to open their arms—and their marriage—once again.

While Ronnie, their former flirtatious babysitter, is exploring her newfound naughty nature with her lover, Gretchen, Doc and Mrs. B have their sights set on old friends, Daphne and Ari Wilson. Things really heat up when Ronnie and Gretchen take on an adventurous new roommate—and her boyfriend, too. Published: December 4, by eXcessica Publishing. Viola is a virgin and wants to stay that way until marriage, so she practices what she can, satisfying her needs girl-on-girl with her best friend, Emily.

But the forbidden need for something more overwhelms her, especially when there's such an attractive man in the house--her stepfather. Even if she knows it's wrong, Viola can't help her taboo fantasies.


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Words: 25, Published: November 23, by eXcessica Publishing. In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, The Frog Prince, heiress Darcy Haverford and ex-military beach bum Daniel Colvin find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island together. In the not-so-distant future, working at N.

The minute their eyes meet, Ruby feels herself attracted to the man—who is a man and yet so much more—before they even exchange hellos. Published: October 21, by eXcessica Publishing. Ursula is a lactation consultant who wants nothing more than to get pregnant and have kids. She decides to give into her taboo desires and surprises her step daddy Sara's father decides to give BBW Sara what they both want, so she can finally prove her talents. Qesa wants to be a star, and DJ Rafe, her manager and step daddy, wants to make all her dreams come true. Bratty little Paula decides to seduce her step daddy, a psychologist, during their impromptu sessions together, in order to get back at her mother for marrying him in the first place.

But the tables get turned on Paula when she realizes her forbidden attraction to her father is real, and then, to her surprise, she learns what countertransference really means when they consummate their fantasies Naughty Nina is a straight-A college student by day but a phone-sex operator by night.

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Maya is a yoga instructor looking for her soul mate. While she and her best friend, Sephie, spend girl-on-girl time exploring enlightened sex, Maya has her heart secretly set on her sexy step daddy. When a cosmically-epic phone texting accident brings father and daughter together, she finds not only a soul mate, but a man who rocks her universe.

Her new step daddy and his daily life hustling pool much more appealing to her and she decides to go after just what she wants. These exposed secrets lead Jenna to admit her true, forbidden desires, and she begins her own course of wicked deception Sexy, sultry India's passion in life is dancing, but she has another, deeper, secret desire. India burns for her step daddy, and when she finds her father secretly sketching her, she realizes he wants her, too.

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Hanna's been raised to be a good Christian girl, and she wants to listen to Pastor David, who tells his flock, procreation is the only reason for relations between a husband and wife. Then Hanna asks the man of the house to teach her about the ways of love,.. When she decides to get a tattoo on her birthday, she makes the mistake of talking about it on her cell phone to a friend and her stepfather overhears. Fiona and her new daddy have always had one thing in common—they're the only two in the family who love sports. But things heat up when they get snowed in, and they find they have far more in common than just a love of sports.

Words: 65, Published: March 11, by eXcessica Publishing. Every year, this young, college aged couple share and explore a special fantasy with one another. Words: 51, Published: September 22, by eXcessica Publishing. If you thought the Baumgartners were uninhibited before, you're about to see what it's like when they really let their freak-flag fly. Join them down where it's hot, moist and humid--and where the surprises sometimes come faster than they do!

Words: 55, Published: July 11, by eXcessica Publishing. Doc and Mrs. Words: , Published: July 6, by eXcessica Publishing.