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The Happy Life of Preston Katt book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It is December 7, , in Pearl Harbor when Seaman S.
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I will confess that favorable comments tweak the needle on my happyometer toward the high end of the scale.

My Essay "Living the American Dream," is in Oct issue of Sasee Magazine

Criticism bums me some. That being said, I do appreciate criticism with detail enough for me to focus on for improvement the next time. Any piece of criticism I receive, I try to take seriously, and I do this one. But I meant the title both to fit the piece and to pay tribute to one of my favorite stories: The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber. So I will think about it for future endeavors. Clarion gave me one of the reviews I consider favorable. This reviewer even posted her name, presumably a real name, not a review name, at the bottom of her report. Gaining an ounce of reader perspective was worth the price of the reviews.

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Zerr was born in St. Peters, Missouri, and graduated from Duchesne High School.

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In , he began a thirty-six year career in the Navy, during which he completed two tours on destroyers. After joining the aviation community, he flew combat missions over Vietnam. Across his Navy career, he accumulated carrier landings.


Following the service, he worked in the aerospace industry for eleven years. A detailed portrayal of an everyday sailor that rings true. Email address:.

Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. True Crime.

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Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. The conclusion comes as a surprise, but readers will understand its inevitability from clues the author has left along the way.

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  8. The Happy Life of Preston Katt is heartily recommended. Navy Captain Pete Adler has finally attained his goals. As he arrives at San Diego harbor and bids his wife farewell, he feels the familiar magnetic pull of the ship tugging him toward his greatest naval adventure. Pete, known for trusting his crew more than other commanders, relies on his twenty-eight years of navy experience to guide the ship out of the harbor and into the open seas. As the massive fire intensifies, Pete attempts to lead his five-thousand-man crew, despite being haunted by horrific childhood memories and fears that his job is in jeopardy.


    Just when he thinks things cannot get any worse, Pete is hit with another blow—his father is dead. In this fast-paced naval adventure, one man takes an emotional journey from the present to his past, where he uncovers surprising truths about the pop he thought he knew. For junior ensign Jon Zachery, life is simple. He wants the American dream for his wife and for himself, and the navy is just the first step along the way.

    After the ship enters the combat zone, however, Zachery lands in hot water with his superior officers. At the same time, he begins to have troubles with his wife. He finds himself in challenging combat situations with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong, but he is most distressed when he discovers that one of his roommates is rabidly anti-war. Following two months in the combat zone, the ship gets a new commanding officer—and a new set of problems face Zachery and his shipmates.

    At first, his new commanding officer distrusts only the five ensigns in the ensign locker, but eventually he begins to distrust the entire wardroom. What happens next has a huge affect on the entire crew—ultimately resulting in the ship returning home to San Diego.